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WHAT IS is a listing of companies or individuals who provide moving labor services. You rent the truck...they load, unload, drive it. Need packing or unpacking? Network Members are available to do that, too!

We are not a moving broker, or any other service that accepts a fee from the customer. This service is ABSOLUTELY FREE to customers in need of moving help and labor. Use our site as much as you need.

We are not affiliated with, or endorse the claims of, any listed Network Member. Just as using a phone book to find a service, this site is solely a LISTING. It is the customer's responsibility to contact, and confirm the credentials of, any Network Member before making a final decision.

Although hiring moving labor and renting your own truck is a very cost effective way of moving, liability is not as clear-cut as if you were hiring a full-service moving company. There is a slight trade-off anytime you move yourself, versus using full-service movers. In essence, hiring labor in this fashion is a step above getting friends and family to help, or a hiring general labor from a temp agency. The difference is that you get EXPERIENCED moving help. Please keep this in mind anytime you decide to move yourself.