WHY LIST WITH greece4rest.ru?

Our site has a simple concept...
Customers conduct a search for moving services needed for an area...they view all listings available to them...they contact the companies that interest them...it could be you...Period!

Customers enjoy a free service...
Customers come to our site because it's 100% FREE for them to use! No deposits...no credit cards needed...no added fees to service provider rates...no middleman! Our site is geared to the convenience of the customer...we want them to come to us. And so do you...customers are the ONLY reason we all stay in business!

Listings are customized...
Listings are sorted by service and service area...if you're there, they'll see you! Only the customers you can service will contact you!

Listings are fair...
Most websites that list companies display their listing order alphabetically, or in sign-up order. That means if your company begins with a "Z", then you will be at the bottom all the time (if listings are alphabetical)...or if you sign up years after a site has been around, then you will always have have any number of companies listed above you (if listings are in sign-up order). NOT FAIR! Our server jumbles all listings every 15 minutes, meaning you can be on the top, bottom, or middle at any given time...this gives you a good chance of being seen, rather than being lost at the bottom of the list all the time!

Type of services customers search for...
Most people move themselves. They'll rent the truck, but they also need professional help
Moving Labor - loading and/or unloading rental trucks
Move-Out Cleaning
Driving the rental truck

It's affordable and uncomplicated...
You have the option of listing monthly, or annually...however your budget or need allows!
No percentage taken from your costs
No waiting for payments
No disgruntled and unfair customer reviews
The customer contacts you directly
3 listing options to choose from:
$25.00 per year for any number of cities covering less than 5 states
$50 per year for any number of cities covering 5-10 states
$100 per year for any number of cities covering more than 10 states